Friday, July 30, 2010

LLTC - Cost Basis Changed

The cost basis for the Linear Technology Corp (LLTC) position has been changed. The old position was closed and another position was opened at the current cost basis. All prices include IB commissions.

Current Position Summary

Cost Basis($5,600.00)
Income Generated$522.87
Percent Income Generated9.34%
Annualized Income Generated37.45%
Net Profit If Assigned$522.87
Percent Return If Assigned9.34%
Annualized Return If Assigned37.45%
Days Held to Expiration91 days

Trade History

DateStockDescriptionTransactionStatusStock InvestmentIncome Generated
5/21/2010LLTCCSP Margin UsedCSP 200 LLTC @ 28.00 ($5,600.00) 
5/21/2010LLTCInitial Put OptionSTO 2 Aug10 28.00 Put @ 2.61  $522.87
8/20/2010LLTC Totals ($5,600.00)$522.87
DTE91 Percent Income/Annualized 9.34%37.45%

Closed Position Summary

Cost Basis$6,000.00
Net Profit($375.15)
Percent Return-6.25%
Annualized Return-76.07%
Days Held to Expiration30 days

Trade History

DateStockDescriptionTransactionStatusStock InvestmentIncome Generated
4/21/2010LLTCCSP Margin UsedCSP 200 LLTC @ 30.00 ($6,000.00) 
4/21/2010LLTCInitial Put OptionSTO 2 May10 30.00 Put @ 0.59Closed $118.57
5/21/2010LLTCBuy Back and Roll Out/DownBTC 2 May10 30.00 Put @ -2.47  ($493.72)
5/21/2010LLTCCSP Margin ReturnedCSP 200 LLTC @ -30.00  $6,000.00
5/21/2010LLTC Net Cost/Profit-Loss ($6,000.00)($375.15)
DTE30 Percent Profit-Loss/Annualized -6.25%-76.07%