Saturday, December 21, 2013

Returns as of Dec 2013

This monthly report includes an Options Expiration Report, Performance Summary, Income Statement, and Account Value Statement. All the data is obtained from the Interactive Brokers (IB) Activity Statement.

Options Expiration Report for Dec 2013

I decided to take this month off to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Some things are more important than money.

This month marks the end of ficsal year 2013 for this portfolio. Overall, the performance was slightly below my goal, partly because I took a few months off during the year, and also because there were less qualified candidates. As usual, I'll be doing my annual review and plan on making some changes to my trading plan and reporting methodology for 2014. I'll post the changes in the coming weeks.

Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope the New Year is both happy and prosperous for all.

I had 6 positions for Dec expiration:

  • 6 uncovered stock positions (BHP, CMP, GDX, SIL(2), and WTW) - 1 closed (CMP).
  • 0 CC positions.
  • 0 CSP positions.

I'm currently 7% invested and 93% in cash, with 5 open positions:

  • 5 uncovered stock positions (BHP, GDX, SIL(2), and WTW).
  • 0 CC positions.
  • 0 CSP positions.

Performance Summary

The primary objective is to generate $10,000-$20,000 of income per year, which is 5-10% of the paid-in capital of $200,000. The secondary objective is to increase the account value by the amount of income generated each year.

Income Results

Reporting PeriodPaid-In CapitalIncomePercent Return
This Expiration$200,000.00$280.520.14%
Ficasl 2013$200,000.00$7,229.813.61%
Fiscal 2012$200,000.00$7,226.513.61%
Fiscal 2011$200,000.00$12,902.956.45%
Fiscal 2010$200,000.00$22,115.5511.06%
Fiscal 2009$200,000.00$20,299.8110.15%
Fiscal 2008*$200,000.00($41,782.82)-20.89%
Fiscal 2007$150,000.00$5,769.293.85%
Fiscal 2006*$150,000.00$20,787.5013.86%
Fiscal 2005 (May-Dec)$100,000.00$7,840.287.84%
Total May 2005-Present$200,000.00$62,388.8831.19%
Annualized May 2005-Present  3.68%

Account Value Results

Reporting PeriodStarting BalanceEnding BalanceGain or LossPercent Return
This Expiration$255,290.36$254,473.87($816.49)-0.32%
Fiscal 2013$252,304.27$254,473.87$2,169.600.86%
Fiscal 2012$241,968.56$252,304.27$10,335.714.27%
Fiscal 2011$235,603.57$241,968.56$6,364.992.70%
Fiscal 2010$218,610.69$235,603.57$16,992.887.77%
Fiscal 2009$187,257.83$218,610.69$31,352.8616.74%
Fiscal 2008*$236,676.52$187,257.83($49,418.69)-20.88%
Fiscal 2007$181,185.77$186,676.52$5,490.753.03%
Fiscal 2006*$157,659.27$181,185.77$23,526.5014.92%
Fiscal 2005 (May-Dec)$100,000.00$107,659.27$7,659.277.66%
Total May 2005-Present$200,000.00$254,473.87$54,473.8727.24%
Annualized May 2005-Present   3.21%

*Added $50,000 to the account in 2006 & 2008

Financial Statement for Dec 2013

Income Statement12/20/2013
Broker Interest Paid and Received$0.00
Net Trades (Sales)$7,737.00
Net Trades (Purchase)$0.00
Other Fees($9.85)
Payment In Lieu of Dividends$0.00
Withholding Tax$0.00
Net Income $7,780.52
Stocks Sold$7,500.00
Stocks Purchased$0.00
Changes to Net Income($7,500.00)
Paid-in Capital$200,000.00
Total Income$280.52
Percent Income Generated0.14%
Account Value Statement12/20/2013
Interest Accruals$0.00
Dividend Accruals$0.00
Total Account Value$254,473.87
Net Account Value at Beginning of Period$255,290.36
Net Account Value at End of Period$254,473.87
Total Change in Account Value($816.49)
Percent Change in Account Value-0.32%

NOTE: Returns are calculated on a fiscal basis, not on a calendar month/year basis. Monthly returns are from one options expiration to the next. Yearly returns are from Dec options expiration to Dec options expiration of the following year.

Friday, December 20, 2013

CMP - Closed

The Compass Minerals International (CMP) position was closed today. All prices include IB commissions.

Position Summary

Cost Basis$7,500.00
Net Profit$400.30
Percent Return5.34%
Annualized Return38.20%
Days Held to Expiration51 days

Trade History

DateStockDescriptionTransactionStatusStock InvestmentIncome Generated
10/30/2013CMPCSP Margin UsedCSP 100 CMP @ 75.00 ($7,500.00) 
10/30/2013CMPInitial Put OptionSTO 1 Nov13 75.00 Put @ 1.10Exercised $109.93
11/15/2013CMPCSP Margin ReturnedCSP 100 CMP @ -75.00 $7,500.00 
11/15/2013CMPStock AssignedEX 1 Nov13 75.00 Put @ -75.00 ($7,500.00) 
12/13/2013CMPStock AssignedDIV 100 Dividend @ 0.55  $54.50
12/20/2013CMPStock SoldSTC 1 Stock Sold @ 77.36  $7,735.87
12/20/2013CMP Net Cost/Profit-Loss ($7,500.00)$400.30
DTE51 Percent Profit-Loss/Annualized 5.34%38.20%