Thursday, May 19, 2011

NUE - New Position

A new CSP position was established today on Nucor Corporation (NUE). All prices include IB commissions.

Dividend Champions StatusChampion
Years of Consecutive Dividend Increases38
Years of Positive Free Cash Flow (last 10 years)10
Fair Value Estimate$58.00
Target Buy Price$35.00
Target Margin of Safety40.00%
Actual Buy Price$40.00
Actual Margin of Safety31.03%

DateStockDescriptionTransactionStatusStock InvestmentIncome Generated
5/19/2011NUECSP Margin UsedCSP 100 NUE @ 40.00 ($4,000.00) 
5/19/2011NUEInitial Put OptionSTO 1 Jun11 40.00 Put @ 0.35  $34.98

Position Summary

Cost Basis($4,000.00)
Income Generated$34.98
Percent Income Generated0.87%
Annualized Income Generated11.01%
Net Profit If Assigned$34.98
Percent Return If Assigned0.87%
Annualized Return If Assigned11.01%
Days Held to Expiration29 days