Monday, May 14, 2012

TBT - New Position

A new CSP position was established today on ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury (TBT). All prices include IB commissions.

This is the fifth position on TBT.

DateStockDescriptionTransactionStatusStock InvestmentIncome Generated
5/14/2012TBTCSP Margin UsedCSP 200 TBT @ 16.00 ($3,200.00) 
5/14/2012TBTInitial Put OptionSTO 2 Jun12 16.00 Put @ 0.23  $46.55

Position Summary

Cost Basis($3,200.00)
Income Generated$46.55
Percent Income Generated1.45%
Annualized Income Generated16.59%
Net Profit If Assigned$46.55
Percent Return If Assigned1.45%
Annualized Return If Assigned16.59%
Days Held to Expiration32 days