Thursday, May 17, 2012

EMR - New Position

A new CSP position was established today on Company Name (xxxx). All prices include IB commissions.

Dividend Champions StatusChampion
Years of Consecutive Dividend Increases55
Fair Value Estimate$60.00
Target Buy Price$42.00
Target Margin of Safety30.00%
Actual Buy Price$42.00
Actual Margin of Safety30.00%

DateStockDescriptionTransactionStatusStock InvestmentIncome Generated
5/17/2012EMRCSP Margin UsedCSP 100 EMR @ 42.00 ($4,200.00) 
5/17/2012EMRInitial Put OptionSTO 1 Jun12 42.00 Put @ 0.34  $33.97

Position Summary

Cost Basis($4,200.00)
Income Generated$33.97
Percent Income Generated0.81%
Annualized Income Generated10.18%
Net Profit If Assigned$33.97
Percent Return If Assigned0.81%
Annualized Return If Assigned10.18%
Days Held to Expiration29 days