Sunday, October 17, 2010

ADP - Closed

The Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Oct10 36.00 Put expired and the position was closed. All prices include IB commissions.

This was the second position on ADP. The first position is a CC.

Closed Position Summary

Cost Basis$3,600.00
Net Profit$48.99
Percent Return1.36%
Annualized Return9.55%
Days Held to Expiration52 days

Trade History

DateStockDescriptionTransactionStatusStock InvestmentIncome Generated
8/24/2010ADPCSP Margin UsedCSP 100 ADP @ 36.00 ($3,600.00) 
8/24/2010ADPInitial Put OptionSTO 1 Oct10 36.00 Put @ 0.49Expired $48.99
10/15/2010ADPCSP Margin ReturnedCSP 100 ADP @ -36.00  $3,600.00
10/15/2010ADP Net Cost/Profit-Loss ($3,600.00)$48.99
DTE52 Percent Profit-Loss/Annualized 1.36%9.55%