Friday, April 12, 2024

Weekly Trading Report for Fri 4/12/24

This week I added a new strategy, a Put Ratio Spread (PRS), which is just a CSP with a fully funded Put Debit Spread (PDS) using the same short strikes. The position consists of 1 long strike and 2 lower short strikes, one of which is the CSP. The PDS provides extra profit potential should the underlying fall between the strikes.

Trading Summary

This Weeks Trades

  • 2 new PRS's (QQQ, SPY) were sold

Current Open Positions

  • 4 CSP positions (QQQ(2), SPY(2))
  • 2 PRS position (QQQ, SPY)
  • 1 CC position (XLY)
  • 3 uncovered 100 share stock positions (ARKK(3))

The following is a summary of this week's trading activity.

New CSP/CC and rolled CSP/CC positions only represent the current option sold. If multiple options have been sold on a CSP or CC position, the full P/L will be reported when the complete position is closed.

* denotes existing open positions that were previously rolled/continued.

New PRS Positions

Stock TradeDate ExpDate Days Shrs Strikes Margin Premium MaxProfit MaxROI MaxAROI
QQQ 4/8/2024 5/17/2024 39 100 430/420 $42,000.00 $130.46 $1,130.46 2.69% 25.19%
SPY 4/8/2024 5/17/2024 39 100 510/500 $50,000.00 $120.46 $1,120.46 2.24% 20.97%