Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's Closed Positions

Today I decided to close 5 CSP positions, which actually expired on Mar expiration, and the cash to secure the puts was returned on 3/18. So, technically, these positions were already closed, as far as my broker was concerned.

However, I was waiting to decide whether to continue with these positions, by selling the same strike puts, or to close them out. Since the market has continued to rise and the puts were getting further OTM, I decided to just close these positions today.

The date of closure is 3/18, since, as stated above, these were technically closed positions, which were returned to cash on 3/18.

With the rising market, which is overvalued by the metrics I follow (see Market Valuation Meters on the right), it's getting harder to find good opportunities. As a result, I'm currently 22% invested and 78% in cash, with 8 open positions, 4 CC positions and 4 CSP positions.