Sunday, April 19, 2009

PFCB Position #2 - Closed

The PFCB Apr09 25.00 call was exercised on Fri and the stock was called away for a profit.

This was the second half of the PFCB position, which was the result of averaging down in Dec08. I decided to allow this second position to be called away since it resulted in a nice profit. I'm still holding the original 100 shares and will continue with that positions until it too can be called away for a profit.

The following is the trade history and returns, including IB commissions.

Covered Call Results

Stock Investment: $2,273.00
Income Generated: $289.30
Net Profit: $516.30
Percent Return: 22.71%
Annualized Return: 64.77%
Duration of Trade: 128 days

Trade History:

10-Dec-08 - Second Stock Position - BTO 100 PFCB @ 22.73 -
10-Dec-08 - Interim Trade - STO 1 Apr09 25.00 Call @ 2.89 - Exercised
17-Apr-09 - Option Exercised - EX 1 Apr09 25.00 Call @ 25.00 -