Tuesday, May 1, 2007

OIC Introduces Newest Podcasts on Covered Calls

The Options Industry Council’s educational seminar, Covered Calls and Income Producing Strategies, is now available on video and audio podcasts. Starting today, you can download these podcasts to your iPod, Mp3, PDA, smartphone, or PC. As with all OIC live seminars and on-demand webcasts, these podcasts are available for FREE!

Now available:

Podcast #1: Review of Options Basics & Terminology
Podcast #2: The Covered Call Strategy: A Conceptual Overview

In these podcasts, OIC instructor Steve Meizinger of the International Securities Exchange presents a review of the basics in Podcast #1 and then, in Podcast #2, introduces the Covered Call and why an investor who is neutral to bullish on an underlying stock should consider using this popular options strategy.

Go to OIC Podcasts to download these first two podcasts.

Starting next week, a new podcast will be available for each of the next six weeks. You will receive an e-mail before the release of each podcast.

Week 2: Podcast #3: Covered Calls: Return Calculations
Week 3: Podcast #4: Common Misconceptions
Week 4: Podcast #5: Writing Short-Term Calls Against LEAPS
Week 5: Podcast #6: Selling Puts
Week 6: Podcast #7: Selling Puts: Return Calculations
Week 7: Podcast #8: Covered Combinations